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Munster's Insulation, Ventilation & Airtightness Specialists for New and Existing Buildings


Certification Testing Guarantees

Certification Testing Guarantees

All of our certificates, at the moment totalling seventeen are available on request. All of our products are NSAI certified, 75% of which are Irish made and produced. Guarantees for our products range from 10 to 25 years.

Thousands of which have expired from our overall 25 year guarantee with no problems to report yet only performance which is inevitable with new higher performing insulations. We provide overall certificates for all areas of our work as proof of installation and conformity. We commission and test all of our ventilation units, airtightness work and welcome any third parties to do the same when our work is complete. Thermal imaging we use both as a fault finding tool for ourselves and a report creating tool for our consultancy services.

We are fully up to date qualified and insured in all areas of our work as anybody would expect but every day we are reminded and reassured that there really is no substitute for experience.

Certificate testing

Acoustic solutions

Acoustic solutions

We refer to sound travel in two ways; Ambient i.e. airborne sound; for example easily hearing occupants in the next room, next door or down stairs, hearing traffic outside. Number two is structural i.e objects colliding with a buildings structure and sending noise through the building; for example hearing somebody closing a door, walking on timber floors overhead.

From dense blown cellulose wool, closed cell sprayed acoustic foam to structural sound boards and neoprene membranes.

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Commercially we have fixtures and fittings that absorb the echoing sound of emptiness and ideas we have seen work from the commercial area are often very relevant when it comes to smaller buildings. One of the new buildings photographed above was being erected very close to a motor way. The sound was made unbearable on a wet day; wet roads with heavy traffic zooming past. We were consulted on site while carrying out the wall insulation, advised the homeowners on what to do that was financially achievable. Needless to say that now the only time they realise how loud the noise is outside is when they open a window. This also became a key consideration for their choice of heat recovery ventilation.



Ventilation has become increasingly important in new build as buildings are being finished with greater airtightness levels. It is one of the newest expenses that anybody building has to now swallow with tightening regulations. Holes through walls for vents in every room don’t work, they never did. Much the same in our opinion as window vents. Why would we spend so much money on the latest high performance window with highly efficient gas between the panes and a super insulated frame and then pay extra for a hole in said window frame for a vent just to entertain building regulations.

Natural ventilation is impossible to control. Its short range, not balanced and your getting all or nothing depending on the weather. Any customers in older buildings that we visit seem to have them stuffed with the nearest old towel.

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Natural passive vents introduce cold draughts and when you are brave enough to open them in milder warmer months, nothing seems to happen. With our 98% high performance humidity controlled heat recovery ventilation units, we extract air through ceiling vents from moisture laden warmer rooms like kitchen, utility and bathrooms. This is all self-controlled at a realistic average cost of €120 per year in a five bedroom home when the airtightness quality of your home is up to standard. This air is recycled for fresh warm air by the heat exchanger unit and distributed evenly throughout the building. Totally closed ventilation units; one entry, one exit. Totally controlled ventilation recycling your stale moisture laden warm air for dry fresh warm air placing less demand on your heating system.



The first airtightness contract we completed was in 2004. We spoke to the owner who approached us recently at an install offering his contact details if anybody was looking for a reference. He reminded us of the airtightness works we completed on his new build. Interested as always we asked to do an up to date airtightness test. We got a result of 2.7ach (air changes per hour). Not bad after 12 years.

Airtightness has to stand the test of time and quality products installed by experienced professionals are the only way to get value for money.

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Regulation on new buildings states 5ach needs to be achieved which in fairness we think should be revised down considering improved ventilation options. A new home achieving 5 ach that has a hrv system fitted would have a hrv system that is operating under alot of unnecessary strain. The job referenced above cost us €3,800 to do excluding labour. Needless to say we took the time to get it right.

Who was doing airtightness systems at the time? Nobody!

The suppliers of the membranes, adhesives and tapes organised to call to site to us to take photos for their promotional materials. On writing this, our most recent airtightness test result performed by a third party company Clean Energy Ireland Ltd. was 0.565 ach. The standard that the Passiv Haus Institut sets is 0.6ach. This wasn’t a Passive House just a standard new build. This was the preliminary result which most contractors use to highlight and make corrections necessary. More often than not we use the Intello and SIGA systems as they manufacture the best range of sealants and tapes guaranteed and certified in Ireland for every range of surfaces we come across.

Our latest product in this area is spray on airtightness membrane, fully breathable when dry and much more productive compared to any other method with a brush on form also available for window and door perimeters.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation

When it comes to performance, a new build construction with properly injected cavities remains untouchable. Build first, inject after. For you to get the maximum value from your insulation, we have followed the same method for 37 years: it’s seamless and dense or worthless. We inject new wider cavities in the exact same ways that we inject older thinner cavities and those which already have insulation boards in.

There is no one size fits all solution to insulation in any building.

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IMG 3325

The quality of materials and how they are installed will always be the difference between bad, good and what we do with pride and expertise. Each insulation product you choose for each area of your building combined with how it is ventilated can often be where performance can falter. Different solutions work better in different areas. Your building is uniquely built and uniquely exposed where it stands. Consulting with us obligation free will equip you with the knowledge to maximise the futureproof potential of your home.