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MOBILE: 087 9063737
CALL: (0)66 7130853

Munster's Insulation, Ventilation & Airtightness Specialists for New and Existing Buildings


Harrington Insulations and related services

Expert service

Four decades of experience...

Harrington Insulations are the longest established insulation, draught control and ventilation specialist in Ireland. We are constantly researching the latest developments to ensure our customers are given the correct advice in choosing the right product combinations.

We use our own homes and have experimented on many rental properties exposing them to different conditions and installing and testing different forms of insulation extracting it again when the next new development comes along.

Our industry is not only crowded with those who claim to be experts but also with mindboggling amounts of products each better than the next. It is for this reason that we stock and install a wider selection of NSAI certified materials than anybody else in the Republic of Ireland.

Your Project

Proven Results...

Our sole purpose has always been to provide our customers with the correct advice, the correct product for their specific needs, building type and exposure and to install it to a standard that will generate more work for us.

Our last customer is our latest sales person. We have stuck to this philosophy for thirty seven years so far and would never jeopardise our reputation by promising to insulate your home in “just three hours”. It’s simple; better results require longer effort and more detail.

Unlike other contractors we don’t apply a one size fits all solution. One size fits all cannot and should not ever apply to something as important as insulation. Every building is different. We encourage our customers to question and even take part in what we do where possible.

A good painter is a good painter. It’s obvious; you can judge the quality of their work by looking at it. What you are investing in is a highly effective way of reducing your monthly bills. What you’re investing in is a feeling! Invest in our feeling. It’s born out of experience, quality, pride and reputation.