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Insulation Products for Homes and Commercial premises Kerry Munster

Open cell spray foam

Our open cell spray foam is by far the most versatile insulation available. Breathability is very important when it comes to insulation and timber. Equally when it comes to insulation quality, an insulation that can be installed in an airtight seamless method is untouchable in comparison to everything else insulation. Our open cell sprayed insulation is installed by us as a fully breathable application and is airtight. When sprayed in roof structures we install breathable ventilation cards prior to the spray application ( see roof preparation video below) giving full breathability to the structure but at the same time behind the insulation layer where it belongs. What a beautiful system. The versatility of our spray foam gives it excellent sound proofing qualities meaning it is now also becoming very popular in timber floors and partition walls. You may find answers to some questions you might have about this product here! 

Closed cell spray foam

Our closed cell spray foam differs from open cell in that it is non breathable (much like rigid board insulation), extremely dense and hard to the touch. It adds structural stability wherever it is applied. Given its density and the method in which we spray it, it has the best thermal conductivity (0.021W/m2K ) of any other product available. It expands very little upon application and so its application is repeated - also a critical factor as each layer (approx1.5 to 2 inches) needs time to react and cure properly if it is being applied using the correct recipe and method. Traditionally open cell insulation is more popular. Why? Well to put it simply, it’s cheaper. A world beater in the commercial sector because the alternatives are so exorbitantly expensive, cumbersome, labour intensive and require long down time periods. We can guarantee if you asked any insulation expert given all the facts to honestly divulge what they would install if budget was less important than performance, they would install our closed cell spray foam system.

High performance high density Airpop

With all of our high performance products you may pick up a certain theme. They are not cut to fit with multiple draughty open joints every square metre, draughty holes put here and there for wires, pipes, service entries etc. or no insulation present because the space is too narrow or oddly shaped, it’s a corner or whatever so I can’t be bothered wasting my time trying to fit this shape into that shape. Sure it’s only a small area it’ll be grand. These crises of conscience or lack of are non-existent as far as our methods go. Our adhesive applied airpop products are installed seamlessly and not just drill a hole here and there. Drill three times more than any other contractor, leave nothing to chance. We don’t trickle fill cavities at a standard lower pressure.. We inject them under higher pressure, with 30 to 40% more material and 50% adhesive and obtain the best u-values possible for that particular building because u-values mean absolutely nothing unless the product is installed at fullest density and seamlessly.

Cellulose heat and sound

We are very proud to be one of few contractors installing Irish made cellulose insulation. Manufactured in county Cork, fully NSAI certified the lowest tech carbon neutral insulation product you can buy. Cellulose is rousing increasing interest from passive build projects as a high performance product that can be installed everywhere from floors, to party walls, to timber frame external walls, to entire roof structures. Dense blown cellulose is also one of the best materials available for sound absorption. We find it very popular when it comes to killing sound transfer between floors in two storey and dormer style homes. Not an easy product to install in closed structures makes it not well favoured by inexperienced contractors. We have been installing cellulose for over sixteen years and have been surprised in a few projects at its ability to save and contain many homes from fire spread. Cellulose is dusty during installation in an open blow attic situation but after it settles and is incorporated back into the material it just sits there, fluffy and cold on the top. Cellulose is the most eco-friendly, safe, vermin proof, even human ingestible product to have in your home. Eco quilt, Super quilt ,Isover Metac, Rockwool, Knauf product ranges Yes, some types of roll, batt, dry fit insulations are crossovers but many are used in the wrong application. As just one example, we often come across customers who have spent a small fortune on a product like Rockwool, installing double layers of it in their attic floor or behind their dormer walls expecting amazing results. Due to its density Rockwool has excellent sound reducing properties and is excellent when it comes to fire resistance but in terms of heat retention there are more than a few other products we fit that are nearly 50% cheaper and easily 30% more effective. According to application, building type and building exposure we install these products. After conducting a no obligation survey on your existing property or going through drawings for your new project, we will recommend the best suited products to obtain the best possible results.

Damp elimination

Damp elimination is a service we undertake and provide a large selection of products for. It goes hand in hand with the insulation and ventilation services we provide due to how all three have an impact on one another. Upon completion of a no obligation survey on your building we will outline recommended remedial works and should you choose to proceed, we will fully guarantee these works for a minimum of ten years. Through processes involving the most modern sealing, injection and coating products we cover everything from waterproof coating of underground wall sections like basements to eliminating damp ingress on stone walls and dampness travelling through cavity wall structures.


The airtightness products which we supply and install are largely of the SIGA product range. They are from our years of experience the best and have been around since airtightness was brought about as a concept and so well tried and tested. We have re-tested many homes which we have completed over the last 5 to 12 years, all achieving almost no change from the original result. Basically, if you want a near passive or passive standard airtightness test result on your building as standard, we will guarantee it.

New - Spray on airtightness blowerproof membrane

Hailed as the next generation of airtightness, water based VOC free, permanently flexible, our spray on airtightness membrane comes in three forms from spray on liquid for large roof and wall spans to a fibre reinorced brush on form for areas such as window an door perimeters, floor to wall connections etc.

New - Waterproof external insulations and polyurea coatings

Between our ranges of spray applied rigid insulations at 40, 50 and even 60kgm3 we can achieve pretty much any result with any surface from stone to timber to metal ,based on what is economically possible for both the building and your budget. As soon as we can see the building and how it is exposed combined with what efficiency is required inside we can specify a custom fit solution for your building.