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MOBILE: 087 9063737
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Construction Professional Services for Homes and Commercial premises Kerry Munster

Insulation Consultancy services

Harrington Insulations have been working with architects, engineers and contractors for more than 35 years. We understand the importance of having an experienced and up to date information source at hand as clients want to become more informed and projects get more complex. It’s clear to see that we are at a time when exceeding rather than just meeting minimum regulations is becoming more often the norm.

Target guarantee

As a construction professional we understand that you are met with constraints of budget, building regulations and time. Working with us from plans, 

For many construction professionals, what seems to be a common issue is trying to keep pace with the amount of insulation products and combinations available while now also having to consider the airtight and ventilation aspects which are of critical importance when it comes to how the insulation performs.

If our building boom taught us anything it has to be that buying the most expensive of energy saving products does not guarantee the best result. That a B1 or A3 building is worth little more than the piece of paper it’s printed on and beyond doubt that engaging the services of an experienced and technically qualified insulation contractor will see that actual listed u-values of materials are exactly the values you get for your clients. 

As consultants and contractors we are just as responsible for the projects we are working on right now as the projects we completed ten years ago.

Our one line guarantee to you is advice, experience and seamless continuity for 25 years. 

Services include: