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MOBILE: 087 9063737
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Commercial Services

Commercial Services Insulation and Airtightness Kerry Munster

At Harrington Insulations we apply small building economics to larger building types.
Our experience and solutions cater for areas large and small from manufacturing and warehousing units to hospitality, office buildings, agricultural and marine applications. 
The productivity of our sprayed on insulations and sprayed watertight insulation products means dramatically less interference and upheaval of the everyday operations of commercial facilities compared with any other methods available.


Insulation solutions to meet your budget or energy rating

The flexibility and versatility of our insulations means that customers can call us safe in the knowledge that we have a solution to meet your budget or energy rating goal.
Totally eliminate water ingress, condensation, heat and cold Steel/Concrete/Tanking/Stone with our range of sprayed insulations and water barriers.


Highest performance spray insulation

Our most popular closed cell rigid spray insulation is watertight and the industry leader. With a thermal conductivity of 0.021W/m2K, it has a performance per metre even better than any retro-fit home insulation product available, that’s a fact.  Furthermore it adds significant structural strength to concrete, timber clad and corrugated steel structures and as with our other spray insulations is airtight.

Closed cell insulation can be applied in smooth layers from as little as 1.5 inches deep and depending on the requirements can be sprayed over with a flexible polyurethane coating for fire proof, pressure wash proof, harsh chemical proof applications to name but a few. It has without doubt been the greatest development in the commercial insulation sector and its versatility and thermal performance has meant that we have yet to meet an obstacle for its application.


We pride ourselves in being able to provide the increasing efficiency demands of the commercial sector. It’s no mystery more efficient commercial designs are beating older when it comes to leasehold potential as they are much more economical to run and costs are kept to a minimum.