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MOBILE: 087 9063737
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New Build Services

Acoustic solutions

We refer to sound travel in two ways; Ambient i.e. airborne sound; for example easily hearing occupants in the next room, next door or down stairs, hearing traffic outside. Number two is structural i.e objects colliding with a buildings structure and sending noise through the building; for example hearing somebody closing a door, walking on timber floors overhead.

From dense blown cellulose wool, closed cell sprayed acoustic foam to structural sound boards and neoprene membranes.

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Commercially we have fixtures and fittings that absorb the echoing sound of emptiness and ideas we have seen work from the commercial area are often very relevant when it comes to smaller buildings. One of the new buildings photographed above was being erected very close to a motor way. The sound was made unbearable on a wet day; wet roads with heavy traffic zooming past. We were consulted on site while carrying out the wall insulation, advised the homeowners on what to do that was financially achievable. Needless to say that now the only time they realise how loud the noise is outside is when they open a window. This also became a key consideration for their choice of heat recovery ventilation.