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New Build Services

Combined new build solutions

Insulation, Airtightness and Ventilation are without doubt the three most important elements of any new build construction. They are totally reliant on one another to run each other and your building as efficiently as possible. Why? A weakness in one leads to a weakness in the other. For example, insulation that is not fitted seamlessly and often missing or pulled out for access by the next contractor is covered over by an airtightness membrane.

An airtightness membrane has a dual purpose; to stop draught infiltration and to control humidity and moisture.

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A poorly fitted airtightness membrane will cause heightened levels of humidity and condensation meaning that the efficiency of a heat recovery ventilation system is seriously compromised, sometimes up to 30%. Many HRV units were fitted to new buildings during the boom where no airtightness works were carried out. Most of these units we have tested are only recovering 20 to 30 % of heat and should be recovering up to 96%. Having multiple contractors responsible for these separate elements means that desired u-values and ratings are rarely achieved. Having one contractor to consult, supply and install these three elements ensures seamless continuity.