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MOBILE: 087 9063737
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New Build Services


Ventilation has become increasingly important in new build as buildings are being finished with greater airtightness levels. It is one of the newest expenses that anybody building has to now swallow with tightening regulations. Holes through walls for vents in every room don’t work, they never did. Much the same in our opinion as window vents. Why would we spend so much money on the latest high performance window with highly efficient gas between the panes and a super insulated frame and then pay extra for a hole in said window frame for a vent just to entertain building regulations.

Natural ventilation is impossible to control. Its short range, not balanced and your getting all or nothing depending on the weather. Any customers in older buildings that we visit seem to have them stuffed with the nearest old towel.

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Natural passive vents introduce cold draughts and when you are brave enough to open them in milder warmer months, nothing seems to happen. With our 98% high performance humidity controlled heat recovery ventilation units, we extract air through ceiling vents from moisture laden warmer rooms like kitchen, utility and bathrooms. This is all self-controlled at a realistic average cost of €120 per year in a five bedroom home when the airtightness quality of your home is up to standard. This air is recycled for fresh warm air by the heat exchanger unit and distributed evenly throughout the building. Totally closed ventilation units; one entry, one exit. Totally controlled ventilation recycling your stale moisture laden warm air for dry fresh warm air placing less demand on your heating system.