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MOBILE: 087 9063737
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Harrington - Existing Build Services

Wall Insulation - Existing Build

We inject high density superior performance polystyrene bonded bead (airpop) and pour the latest polyurethane closed cell foams. Cavity wall insulation is not a trivial thing or just another job to us, we love what we do and we appreciate the trust that we receive from our customers to achieve the maximum result for them. We have gotten to know a lot of people over the years and have had the opportunity to work for four generations of some families.

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The overall difference we can make on existing cavity walls is based entirely on our own methods developed over many years.

Every single element of our cavity installs is unique. It goes above and beyond regulations. Being in existence as long as we have, we wrote the book when it comes to best practice on cavity wall insulation. We are always fully aware of the fact that if we used a standard quick fill method and applied it to every building type then we could only see an install being 100% successful maybe 2 times out of 5.

Unlike others we don’t pay our staff a fixed amount per install completed so that they are left with no option but to complete 3 to 4 installs in a day to make an acceptable wage.

If we thought we could earn three times the amount each day and still provide our customers with the same quality then we would have done so. Insulation and our customers are a little more important to us than that. If value for money is what you want and you don’t want to have to pay twice for insulation related works then give us a call.


External/ Internal wall surfaces

For all types of masonry and old stone buildings we provide seamless insulation solutions. Our NSAI certified sprayed on insulation is a perfect solution for transforming stone buildings into highly efficient modern living and working spaces. It can be sprayed both internally and externally. It is waterproof and acts as a vapour barrier. It has a market leading thermal conductivity of 0.025W/m2K.

Airtight, waterproof, breathable insulation! What more could you ask for? Very often we are met with the great compromise on insulation thickness and spatial loss inside, especially around window and door reveals, however we are always searching and researching new products. If your building leaves you seriously compromised with adding additional thickness to your inside walls then we have the solution.

Our range of foam slab, sealing products, Aerogel insulation boards and fibre reinforced aerogel blankets mean that we can achieve a U-value far lower (better) than the current building regulations within just 20mm depth. Super insulating materials like Aerogel can be prohibitively expensive we have mostly used these in protected and heritage buildings where compromising is not an option. If budget is a more critical factor than design on your project then we will always strive to design the best system to suit your requirements.