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MOBILE: 087 9063737
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Harrington - Existing Build Services

Insulation extraction

We remove deteriorated, wet, damaged, and underperforming fibre glass wool, formaldehyde foam and various pumped materials from cavity walls. The first experiment we conducted on this was over 15 years ago when a customer called complaining of wet mouldy inside walls.


Her home was located in a very exposed area and her gable walls contained much evidence of structural cracking, where driving rain was penetrating.

The fact that the old insulation was so wet meant that the house had become impossibly expensive to heat as the heating system was constantly kicking in.

Ill performing and wet insulation will act as a conductor and carry heat out of your building through the walls much like wearing a soaking wet heavy jumper as opposed to wearing no jumper.

We insisted on carrying out the work with only our labour covered as it was the beginning of a learning curve for us and after many days the cavities were completely clear. We installed bonded polystyrene bead in its place after a week of drying and it has remained dry and well insulated for the last 15 years. We have tried and tested so called removal machines that have been available to us with the last few years but nothing has come comparatively close to the extraction system we have developed ourselves.

With the least amount of mess and cosmetic damage we can remove ringing wet materials from cavities, the stuff that others cannot extract and have to leave behind. To ensure a balanced level of trust in undertaking a job such as this, we guarantee removal of 98% of the material by providing fibre optic video evidence of the empty cavity for our customers.