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MOBILE: 087 9063737
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Harrington - Existing Build Services

Retrofit ventilation and Damp control

Condensation issues can be prevalent in many homes no matter how old or modern. If you have a building with damp issues (rising, penetrating or airborne) whether its stone, concrete, cavity wall or timber frame, their problems all follow a similar theme; water is getting through from the outside or heavy concentrations of water vapour are condensing on cold surfaces on the inside.


These issues in your building like everything to do with insulation and ventilation issues need to be dealt with at the source.

Customers of ours regularly tell us how much money they have wasted on dehumidifiers, damp proof wallpapers and paints, insulating paint etc. None of these work except for cosmetically in the short term.

The building damage is still occurring behind these layers as is the stale damp unhealthy air. If anything these products speed the process up by trapping warmed up moisture within the plaster layer providing mould with the perfect medium to thrive. Ventilation and air quality are becoming more prevalent in recent years as insulation and airtightness levels in buildings are being improved. 

Mould is literally your buildings way of telling you there is an underlying problem, ignoring it and painting over it at the surface only changes how it looks but you are essentially still living or working in that environment breathing stale mould laden air. With our newest decentralised units you can eliminate all of these problems with whisper quiet effort. Individual rooms or whole building solutions, no ducting or renovation works necessary. Deep retro-fit ventilation eliminating mould, condensation and odours and breathing constant clean fresh heated or unheated air at a running cost of €15 per room per year.