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MOBILE: 087 9063737
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Harrington - Existing Build Services

Roof insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Homes & Buildings

We install E-zero open and closed cell spray foams,  fibre glass wool, blown Irish cellulose, blown or flexi slab Rockwool, rigid polyurethane board to name a few and we also extract and recycle older deteriorated insulation from roof spaces.


We have been surveying roof spaces and weathers impact on roof strucures since insulation first became available in Ireland.

Insulation types and quality have changed enormously and so have roof space designs which are far more complex. The days of the straightforward rectangular bungalow have gone.

Bungalows of old combined with new insulation products are far superior performing homes than more modern dormer and open plan buildings. Why? Their simple box like design meant that the insulation layer envelope was simple, as simple as insulating a box. Dare we say that even a totally inexperienced contractor could insulate them

to a good standard.

Method and understanding is not as critical a qualification where straightforward design is concerned. Nowadays, probably 80% of the residential buildings we are transforming are of dormer and open plan. Most were built during our “boom” with serious insulation and draught issues, many by the huge amount of insulation “professionals and experts” who started at the time. Method, expertise and attention to detail are far more critical considerations than the products chosen because these are the reason behind the product working at its best or not at all. As the longest established insulation, draught control and ventilation specialist in the country - our reputation for advice, quality and attention to detail is widely known.